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VisionX is founded on the premise of touching as many lives as possible and putting a smile on someone’s face when they need it.

Our products and services engagements are the vehicles to achieve our 'Why' by establishing the right level of business positioning, market capital, and industry network.

The journey to execute on our 'Why' that has started on day one, and it keeps us going every day,

Our Why


We started VisionX from the position of strength, knowledge, and experiences of the founders in AI technologies, innovation, business strategy, product management, research & development, and operations for over 15 years.

VisionX is well on its trajectory as an AI-led digital innovation company helping global cross-industry clients build tailored products and solutions.

We are a quickly growing team of full-time resources geographically distributed to meet the needs of our current and potential clients. Our resource mix includes product managers, project managers, UX designers, machine and deep learning engineers, computer vision engineers, data scientists, iOS developers, Android developers, JS framework developers including react, PHP/Laravel developers, AWS and infrastructure engineers, and Quality Assurance team.

In 2017, VisionX team launched a Real-Estate Tech Search and Listing portal under the name of AARZ catering to the Pakistan market.

In 2018, VisionX launched their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product and solution for last mile package notification, and delivery marketed under the brand name of PackageX.


  • Exhibit focus, agility, hard work & delivery excellence each day.
  • Elevate people at all the levels and focus on their personal and professional growth.
  • Take risks, fail fast, learn and never give up.
  • Deliver client value and turn them into our raving fans.
  • Good and great doesn’t matter, we only talk outstanding.
Guiding Priciples
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We are in it to build long-lasting relationships & strategic partnerships with our clients. Our journey is a marathon & not a sprint.

Farrukh Mahboob, Founder & CEO

Bottom Quote


Our creator created us to create. We execute on this life philosophy through our ‘Why’ and giving back. It starts with taking care of the people who work for us, the people who we care, the ones in need, the society, and the humanity. We allocate 10% of our annual profits for non-profit work in general healthcare, brain aneurysm awareness, treatment & support, education for girls, and food bank donations across the globe.

Giving Back


Farrukh Mahboob

Founder & CEO

15+ years in sales, management & technology consulting, digital product development, innovation & strategy across retail, online, and high-tech.

MS Electrical Engineering
BS Electrical Engineering

New York, NY

Waqas Mushtaq


15+ years in business consulting, program management, and infrastructure and technology procurements with the public and private sector.

BS Electrical Engineering

Islamabad, Pakistan

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