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Our mission is to help businesses transform digitally and integrate emerging technologies to augment their business operations, processes and offerings.

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Unique Products

Our smart enterprise and consumer apps are changing the way the world works by replicating and augmenting human vision and cognition


Client Valuation

We have enabled our clientele to seamlessly go through digital transformation, increase the stack of their digital offerings and achieve organizational agility


Value Added to Clients

Using our products, our customers have been able to push boundaries and accelerate their business processes, products and services

Meet Our Team

We are a remote team that spans that globe from Asia, Europe, and the America’s.

 Farrukh Mahboob Image

Farrukh Mahboob

Founder, CEO, & Chairman

Waqas Mushtaq Image

Waqas Mushtaq

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Abdul Rafay Image

Abdul Rafay

Senior Product Manager

 Adnan Haider Rashid Image

Adnan Haider Rashid

3D Modeling Specialist

Affan Aijaz Image

Affan Aijaz

People Manager

 Afzal Hussain Shah Image

Afzal Hussain Shah

Enterprise Infrastructure Administrator

Ahmad Sadaat Image

Ahmad Sadaat

Junior 3D Artist

Ahmad Shoaib Image

Ahmad Shoaib

ReactJS Developer

Akash Dharani Image

Akash Dharani

Data Scientist

Alexander Urchenko Image

Alexander Urchenko

Business Growth Manager

 Arham Tasleem Image

Arham Tasleem

Junior Data Scientist

Asad Rizwani Image

Asad Rizwani

HR Business Partner

Asim Darwaish Image

Asim Darwaish

Director, Process Excellence & Innovation

Asim Hussain Image

Asim Hussain

Talent Acquisition Partner

 Awais Ibrahim Image

Awais Ibrahim

Manager Accounting & Financial Planning

Azka Zaidi Image

Azka Zaidi

Office Coordinator

 Daniyal Shafiq Image

Daniyal Shafiq

Associate Product Manager

Fareha Kaukab Image

Fareha Kaukab

ReactJS Developer

 Hasham Bashir Image

Hasham Bashir

AR Developer

Husnain Ali Image

Husnain Ali

Unreal Engine Developer

Ibrahim Ali Hasani Image

Ibrahim Ali Hasani

Data Scientist

Imran Tahir Kheli Image

Imran TahirKheli

Director Administration & Corporate Governance

Imtnan Akram Image

Imtnan Akram

Product Manager

Junaid Aalam Image

Junaid Aalam

Associate Product Manager

Junaid Saeed Image

Junaid Saeed

Junior QA Engineer

Khazima Irfan Image

Khazima Irfan

QA Engineer

Laraib Naqvi Image

Laraib Naqvi

3D Artist

Mudashir Ebad Image

Mubashir Ebad

ReactJS Developer

Muddassir Ahmen Khan Image

Muddassir Ahmed Khan

Mobile Application Engineer

Mughees Anwar Image

Mughees Anwar

Product Manager

Muhammad Hannan Image

Muhammad Hannan

3D Artist

Muhammad Ishtiaq Image

Muhammad Ishtiaq

React Native Developer

Nouman Shah Image

Nouman Shah

Android Developer

Sajjad Zafar Image

Sajjad Zafar

iOS Developer

Salman Khan Image

Salman Khan

Unreal Engine Developer

Syed Zain Ul Adieen Image

Syed Zain Ul Abideen

Senior iOS Developer

Talha Zareef Image

Talha Zareef

Innovation Lead

Rashique Imam Image

Tashfeen Ul Haq

Unreal Engine Specialist

Umar Saleem Image

Umer Saleem

Junior Data Scientist

Umer Javed Image

Umer Javed

Data Scientist

Waseem Amjad Image

Waseem Amjad

QA Engineer

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The VisionX team lives and breathes cutting-edge technology. Apply to join our proactive, high energy, collaborative, and growing team.

16 March 2020 | New York City, NY

29 January 2020 | New York City, NY

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