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According to a study completed by USPS, 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising. The same study states that only 15% of millennials ignore direct mail ads as compared to 50% when it comes to digital ads.

The issue with direct mail is that while it may gather more attention, it does not have the same conversion as something display digitally such as on Instagram where a purchase is no more than a click away.

VisionX sought to bridge the gap between these conversion stats and use augmented reality to increase the conversion of direct mail advertising.

Prototype & Design

Because of our previous work on the Design My Office project, our development team had a head start with 3D model that we could use for the application. Our idea was to simply “grab” an item from a printed magazine and allow users to view specifications, place an item within a room, and ultimately be able to make a purchase.

Our team wanted to explore a more elegant solution than using a standard QR code, so we created the individual items on the page into tracked images that could be recognized and “pulled out” from a page using machine learning.

The end result would be a magical “pop out” effect where users simply point a phone at a printed page and can then instantly interact with a product.

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Final results are pending, as our application is currently undergoing its beta release.

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