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article date Jun 13, 2019

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In the world of enterprise sales, brick and mortar storefronts are largely unavailable. The common retail experience amounts to large 100,000 sq ft warehouses that are outfitted with designed spaces. The process of showing an office space is effective but the process of long walk throughs are overwhelming and exhausting.


Our research was divided into three phases:

  1. Visit an enterprise showroom to understand the reasoning behind their structure and set up
  2. Speak to enterprise customers and learn about their experience with showroom visits
  3. Work with a consumer’s perception of virtual reality –based shopping

VisionX leveraged its relationships to visit private and public showrooms such as West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and Ikea. We also spoke with sales teams and conducted interviews, and surveys with enterprise customers to better understand the needs and experience of all stakeholders involved in the process.


From our showroom visits, VisionX learned that enterprise showrooms are set up similarly to Ikea with a strong emphasis on offices. With our notes, our development team was able to set up a simple virtual showroom which we could showcase to understand how consumer behavior would be affected by navigating a virtual office.

From our virtual tests, it was revealed that consumers frequently attempted to move and rearrange items as they could within a showroom. In addition, while walking through the virtual space, our test population frequently asked about pricing of items and product specifications, such as different colors and materials.

Learning from these tests, we noted what features customers expected, as well as gained insight into how we could make the experience of viewing specifications much richer and engaging in virtual reality.

Prototype & Design

We consulted with architects and leveraged lessons learned from office design from previous projects to create a prototype walkthrough. The space was designed with Unreal Engine to render the scene in both VR, as well as a 2D experience that we could embed within a desktop browsing experience.

Our designers created a prototype office scene that could be extensible for multiple industries such as real estate, co-working spaces, and more. The experience was tailored to suit audiences of various ages and technological skill levels so it could be access to anyone from the sales rep to the senior executive.


The VR Showroom project was one of the most well received projects we’ve completed for Staples. Executives loved how quickly and easily a purchasing experience could be created and customized for their customers.

VR showroom

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