Working Smarter Through Lockdown

article date May 08, 2020

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The experience of life during the lockdown is a new reality that we are sharing with millions of people across the globe. As an IT professional, my colleagues and I are in a pretty fortunate position and can quickly work with just a laptop and internet connection. There have even been times when I fantasized about being locked down at home with plenty of food, a good laptop, and reliable internet.

Even so, there are challenges we've encountered in our day to day work, now that we are a distributed workforce. We are still doing the same work that we used to and achieving our benchmarks and goals. However, our modes of communication have changed, activities are being recorded to refer back to later, we've added new events, meetings have become more interesting, and much more. In many ways, I believe our processes have been transformed for the better.

Before lockdown, a regular workday would start with a standup meeting, a cup of coffee, ideation, discussions, and conferences. During the lockdown, it is mostly the same. What is different then? The tools we use to communicate.

Thanks to VisionX for providing us with a variety of tools for communicating - including Microsoft Teams, which has proven to be invaluable to run meetings that feel almost like they are face to face. We review the code in the same way as we used to, by sharing our screens. We stay connected over the call to simulate the presence of our colleagues. We still play games during breaks, but now these games are mobile-based instead of table tennis. (We've especially been enjoying Rush Hour by Spatial Studios.)

One positive result is that our procedures have become better documented and recorded. We can record each meeting for our records to refer back to the sessions in the future. If a team member can't attend a meeting for any reason, they can watch the discussion later.

To keep employees healthy, active, and connected, VisionX hosts regular exercise sessions, run by professionals. We all get to see our colleagues and enjoy activities together while keeping physically active from home.

Although the word "positive" is the most negative word of the year 2020, I'd still say that there are positive lessons to take away from this work at home period. Even after returning to the office, we should keep up some of these processes so that we can continue to benefit from better communication and more transparency.

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