The Proprietary Systems And Methods That Power PackageX

article date Jun 23, 2020

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With the rise of e-commerce, there has been a lot of innovation regarding the last mile of package delivery. Flashy inventions like delivery drones and robots are a fixture at tech conferences and in the news. These innovations tend to focus on cases where the courier or delivery person has direct access to the recipient, even though much of the last mile of package delivery is left to the staff in multi-family residential buildings and corporate offices. It is clear that last-mile delivery is a growing problem, but nobody is solving it for co-working, residential, and other spaces where the courier doesn't have direct access to the final recipient.

VisionX developed PackageX, our complete mailroom management solution, to help companies in industries ranging from real estate management to co-working to education who have had to assume the added role of package courier. We hold a US patent for a unique, smart system that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and proprietary machine learning algorithms to gather structured information from package labels and match them to individuals in the company's directory.

PackageX makes mailroom management smoother and faster while minimizing the impact of package delivery tasks on the productivity of building receptionists, concierge, assistants, and mailroom employees.

Our system is fully automated. Here's what happens behind the scenes
  1. An employee takes a picture of an inbound package
  2. PackageX recognizes the boundaries of the label information
  3. PackageX reads structured data from the label

    • Barcode (all major international carriers)
    • Text (typed or handwritten)
  4. PackageX creates a list of possible recipients by matching the data to the building directory
  5. If the package information can be associated with a name in the directory with nearly absolute accuracy, they are automatically linked.
  6. If the accuracy is lower, the employee is shown a list of possible recipients to choose from
  7. PackageX sends automatic notifications via email or SMS

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