Data Scientist

Full Time | Islamabad,PK | Product Engineering

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VisionX is a fast-growing machine vision product company headquartered in New York City with a unique mission to build innovative machine vision systems and products that enhance human productivity. Our business operating model is backed by our ‘mindset’ principles that serve as a guiding framework to work relentlessly each day towards our purpose of becoming the most desirable innovation company in the world by future proofing humanity, businesses, and society.
VisionX between its HQ1 at New York City and HQ2 at Islamabad continues to develop and deploy digital products across the globe for many renowned brands and Fortune 500. We place people outside their comfort zones and help them develop a new mindset so they can live a self-aware life and realize their potential. VisionX leadership strongly believes in giving back and in the process of activating digital health initiatives through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative – Sehr Foundation.
Your role
We’re looking for passionate data scientists to come work alongside us to take on some of the most interesting and impact-full problems. You will have strong analytical skills, great attention to detail, and excellent programming ability.
Ideal Candidate
You should be observant enough to see how we can leverage Data to solve client pain- points. You will coordinate with other professionals in order to develop effective systems, so they need to have the ability to work as part of a team and demonstrate strong oral communication skills. A strong mathematical background and problem-solving skills are a must. Written skills are required so that the results can be conveyed to the client.

·         Be an out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate about brainstorming innovative ways to use our unique data to answer business problems.
·         Understand our clients’ proprietary data and external data sources, gather data and automate data pipelines.
·         Design, develop, implement, validate, deploy and maintain advanced predictive models using advanced data mining, machine learning and deep learning techniques.
·         Develop metrics and dashboards to measure and track the value of the solutions.
·         Meet the coding style and standards requirements in python Pep 8, Flake 8 etc.
·         Collaborate with people from different backgrounds to formulate innovative solutions to experiment and implement advanced data mining techniques.
·         Communicate complex concepts and the results of the analyses in a clear and effective manner to senior management.
·         Master’s in computer science, Electrical Engineering or any related fields (Statistics, Applied Math) with at least 3+ years of experience
·         Deep technical understanding of advanced areas of machine learning, deep learning and data mining.
·         Strong understanding of at least one area of deep learning i.e. Computer Vision, Sequence Modelling etc.
·         Strong computer science fundamentals in algorithms and data structures.
·         Fluency in Python stack for data processing, visualization and modeling (Numpy, Pandas, OpenCV, Scikit_Learn, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, NLTK, Theon, Matplotlib/Seaborn)
·         Fluency in at least one of the following deep learning frameworks Tensorflow/Pytorch/Keras.
·         Excellent understanding of databases and proficiency in either SQL/NoSQL.
·         Understanding of Linux environment and deployment on cloud is required.
·         Excellent communication skills.
·         Ability to read and implement research is required.
·         Participation & a good position in Kaggle Competitions would be a big plus.
·         Understanding of Agile methodology and Scrum.
Other expectations.
·         Anticipate needs and act accordingly.
·         Develop thorough understanding of our business, customers, industry, offerings/solutions.
·         Communicate and engage effectively inside and outside the organization.
·         Strong sense of ownership.
·         Show trust, respect, and loyalty.
·         Ability to multi-task and adapt to various situations.
Our mindset
We live each day through the VisionX Mindset principles. We expect you to read, understand, and come prepared to talk about execution of similar principles at your prior job or in your daily life.  
1.      We are customer obsessed
2.      We are optimistic
3.      We dive deep
4.      We do more with less
5.      We seek to understand
6.      We are self-aware
7.      We take ownership
8.      We respect each other
9.      We win as a team
10.    We give back to our community
We are an equal opportunity employer, and we value diversity. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status, or any other legally protected status.