Mail & Packaging

Smart address recognition and validation

A Fortune 1000 Global Mail & Shipping Company

Industry: Business Services



Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, iOS, Android, Firebase, Third Party API Integration

Pain Point:

The client is a global technology leader in mail and shipping. They are the backbone for many postal service providers processing millions of shipments each year. The clients' mail sorting solution only supported large mail handling facilities running on heavy machinery. They wanted to provide small to medium-sized business a light mail organization and sorting solution. It required a mobile tablet device that scans, parses and validates the US addresses for the correct format, and recommend shipping options and routing.


VisionX developed a cloud-based US address recognition software optimized for the tablet devices leveraging computer vision and information extraction algorithms. The solution was also optimized to run locally on a tablet device. It also required VisionX to build an API that integrates with all the mail sorting machines that are part of the client portfolio.


95% of the US addresses parsed without any recognition error.

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