Financial Services

Efficiency through data digitization

A Venture Capital Funded Fintech Startup

Industry: Financial Services

USA & Europe


Computer Vision, Information Extraction, Deep Learning

Pain Point:

The client is a financial technology startup looking to automate the bookkeeping and financial advice and support for businesses leveraging AI technologies. It required financial statements, invoices, and receipts converted into a digital format with a high-level of accuracy. The end users will see the financial optics and scorecards updated in real-time for business leaders to make smart decisions.


VisionX solved the client pain point using their automation & augmentation framework that leveraged computer vision algorithms allowing one-click physical to digital data conversion. The digital output is analyzed and modeled to deliver financial optics for the app and the web portal. The financial data is also analyzed to provide advice and recommendation for the business leaders and owners.


The system delivered 90% accuracy on the physical dataset with a processing time of less than a few seconds per scan.

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