PackageX is


AI-led automation of last mile mail and package handling.

PackageX is a smart mail and package handling solution that leverages computer vision and machine learning technologies to read the package labels mimicking a human eye and takes care of package notification, delivery, and pickup in a co-working space or a corporate office.


  • A big timesaver – humans don’t need to perform such manual tasks.
  • No lost or delayed packages – it could carry very personal, important and urgent items.
  • Mailroom and front desk productivity – more face time to do other creative tasks.
  • A happy customer – they love to know, see and pick up the package fast.


  • A complete enterprise solution for package notifications, pickup, and delivery.
  • Built and optimized for co-working spaces and corporate offices all managed through an iOS app.
  • AI-led technology stack powered by computer vision, machine learning, and scalable computing architecture.
  • An intuitive user experience design.
  • Supports email and SMS – slack notifications are coming soon.
  • Available in multiple languages across the globe.
  • User management and performance analytics portal.
  • Hosted on the most secure and scalable cloud infrastructure available in the market.

Exciting new features coming this summer!


The continued rise of eCommerce globally is keeping the parcel shipping market strong through 2021 as consumers are increasingly looking to online shopping for convenience, price, and availability of products from around the world.

Parcel volume has grown from 44 billion parcels in 2014 to 65 billion in 2016, and the increase in growth shows no signs of slowing down, with the Index estimating parcel growth will continue to rise at a rate of 17-28 percent each year between 2017 and 2021.

China, a new addition to this year’s Index and by far the largest market examined, grew parcel volume by 52 percent in one year, increasing from 21 billion parcels in 2015 to 31 billion in 2016. But, even when excluding China’s prolific volumes, the Index forecasts a strong and accelerating pace of growth in parcels throughout the world. On average, the other 12 major markets studied have grown 4.3% annually since 2012 and are projected to grow 4.5% - 5.4% annually through 2021.

The United States (at 13 billion) and Japan (at 9 billion) were also among the largest markets by parcel volume. In terms of investment, the United States ranked highest, spending $96 billion on parcel shipments, followed by China at $60 billion and Japan at $22 billion.

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PackageX is not another label scanner. It is a cutting-edge digital solution allowing co-working spaces and corporate offices to take the package handling experiences to the new heights.

Ali Khan, Product Lead PackageX

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