Smart Package Management

PackageX is a smart package handling solution which leverages computer vision and machine learning to automate the last-yard delivery of mail and packages, improving workplace productivity.

The scalable and easy-to-use SaaS solution promises automation of mundane package handling tasks to ensure that deliveries are never lost, delayed, or stolen.

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Design My Space

Design Any Space, Anywhere

DMS allows a user to measure their space in augmented reality, place furniture items and see a 2D and 3D reconstruction of the space in just a few taps. The user can select from thousands of furniture items and visualize them in their space using the power of augmented reality and even purchase them on the go.

DMS helps users design the perfect workspace that fits their style and needs without even stepping a foot out of the door.

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Virtual Shopping

Virtual Shopping Experience

Using VR and placing 3D models, users are able to walk through custom designed furniture showrooms and see the furniture up-close and even interact with it. The use cases for this vary from showing off furniture to clients or even selling luxury real estate - before a single brick has been laid.

The key to beautiful, immersive, and realistic VR includes high resolution 3D models which VisionX builds from scratch.

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Live Catalogue

From Image to Purchase

The print world is still powerful. But we are bridging the gap between real and digital which can captivate a user and convince them to buy an item. To enhance the user experience, we bring the images from the magazines to life.

The user can simply point their phone at a magazine, and a 3D model of the item pops right off the page - without boring QR codes.

After that the user can place items into their space in AR, view the SKU page, and even purchase the item.

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Mission Control

Intelligent Facility Management

Mission Control enables assessment within large buildings. It allows sales representatives to quickly document everything about an area, room, or office.

Mission Control uses IoT through which it assists the user to make assessments and presentations based on the data collected in the photos taken.

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Smart Kiosks

Taking The Tedium Out Of Waiting

Customers in retail locations are frequently kept waiting after interacting with kiosks or large touch screens. Our vision was to make this time useful, interactive, and engaging to strengthen brand loyalty and encourage increased customer interactions.