Product Development

At VisionX, the product development process is precisely tailored to your needs. From creating custom software, providing consultation and software as a service, we do it all in the product development life cycle. We make sure to use a human-centered approach, leveraging cutting-edge technology.

User Interface and Experience

UI/UX is the heart of a successful product development process. No matter how well built the product development strategy and how robust the algorithm is, a good UI/UX tops the game. Our team of ui ux designer makes sure to provide an ergonomic user experience following intuitive user flows, wireframes, and prototypes.

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    Product Development Process and Integration

    In the product development process our technophiles develop the product from scratch using Agile. The scrum process is repeated throughout the product life cycle. Our product development strategy team utilizes the best practices and performs data integration services that your product requires. From the barebones architecture to implementation and integration with existing client systems, the product development life cycle will consist of all.

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      Testing and Deployment

      Putting the developed product after completing the product development process through its paces, our team of testers makes sure that the product is fast, intuitive, and of the highest possible quality. Our QA team works in collaboration with the developers to review the prototype and backlog.

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        Security Audit

        The elimination of vulnerabilities are always during security audit is on our minds throughout product development life cycle. Utmost care is taken to remove potential exploits which malicious agents can take advantage of. Moreover, a comprehensive security audit is always a part of product development strategy which is carried out to ensure product security

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          UAT and Release

          This is the step where we reap the fruits of our labor. This is the final stage of the product development life cycle. After all the sprints of product development strategy are completed successfully, the product passes User Acceptance Testing checklist; it goes live. The product provides intended functionalities before it is released into the market.

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