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3D Modeling

VisionX 3D artists are able to create computer-generated models of physical objects. These photorealistic models are incredibly detailed and true to texture and size, allowing us to create immersive experiences in virtual reality, and create a richer purchasing experience for a buyer by giving him the ability to "place" a digitized catalogue of objects in any space using augmented reality.

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3D Modeling

What is it

3D modeling is a technique in computer graphics whereby digital artists can use software to create a digital object. The technique involves the artist to create a series of points in virtual space that, when combined, create a mesh that forms the final 3D object.

These 3D meshes can then be further rendered into hyper-realistic objects using lightning algorithms and through the application of textures.

3D Modeling in Practice

VisionX 3D artists are incredibly talented are are able to create photorealistic models and environments. Because hyper-detailed 3D models are the core of making virtual reality or augmented reality experiences rich and immersive, we place emphasis on ensuring that everything from textures to lighting is as true to life as possible.

VisionX's work with 3D modeling has enabled our clients in the retail industry to digitize entire product catalogues to create a richer purchasing experience for their customers. These 3D models have also enabled VisionX clients to create virtual showrooms where enterprise customers can quickly navigate and shop for products without the need to walk through a physical warehouse.

3D modeling makes virtual reality and augmented reality possible.