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Augmented Reality
& Virtual Reality

VisionX 3D artists and software engineers use 3D models to create applications that provide end users with an enhanced experience of the real world through augmented reality so end users can experience their surroundings like never before.

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Augmented Reality

What is it

Augmented Reality technology allows users to see the world as it is right in front of them with a digital augmentation layer placed over it to provide a richer experience. It is the same technology behind the famous game, Pokemon Go or SnapChat filters. AR is most commonly used with mobile devices but can also be used with wearables such as specialized headsets or goggles.

Augmented Reality in Practice

Because AR technology is become increasingly more available on mobile devices, VisionX has used augmented reality to create richer experiences for the end users of a customer's application. We have seen multiple use cases in various retail industry verticals where AR can be used to create a more holistic purchasing experience.

Through applications we have created such as Live Catalogue and Design My Space, users are able to use augmented reality to place digital objects such as office furniture in their current room and see how that object will look and how it will fit within their room.