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Decision Sciences

We build data models that are intelligent enough to make split second decisions that impact business growth from data.

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Decision Sciences

What is it

Decision Sciences is a collection of techniques and a branch of machine learning that inform decision making both at automated, as well as a structured levels.

Decision Sciences in Practice

Decision sciences can include using data for risk analysis, cost-benefit analysis, simulation modeling and inference based on statistical and historical data.

Commercial applications for employing decision science technique involve the optimization of business processes. For VisionX, we have employee machine learning from various data point to improve client outcomes. One way our engineers have used the automation of decision science technique was with a client's inventory management and logistics process.

Our engineers used machine learning algorithms to forecast customer demand and automate inventory orders to reach forecasted demand. In addition, VisionX engineers further optimized the logistics of the order by using various factors to determine the optimum warehouse for the transportation of the needed inventory.