Analyzing And Processing Language

Natural Language Processing

NLP involves speech recognition, language understanding, and language generation through understanding and analyzing human speech patterns to create solutions to help out customers.

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Natural Language Processing

What is it

Natural language processing is a subset of artificial intelligence that is focused on the interpretation, understanding and generation of language.

Natural Language Processing in Practice

VisionX has created solutions to improve business efficiency through the use of NLP. An portfolio example that illustrates our use of NLP is Mission Control. The Mission Control application concentrates on the sales and compliance of janitorial equipment in large office buildings. Because a sales representative's time is limited on any walkthrough, we employed NLP in the note taking functionality of the application.

Instead of typing or writing notes, a representative's process was make more efficient through dictation and transcription. VisionX also worked on furthering this concept with other client applications to offer text translation of notes so they can be shared with multiple teams, in multiple languages.