Product Design

Product design is an all-encompassing process, serving to align your business goals with user requirements. You can chalk down your product deliverables, and the product design process can serve as a steppingstone for the software development life cycle, with VisionX as a partner all through the journey.

What Comprises an Effective Product Design?

Product Design Research

It is imperative to have the groundwork in place before going ahead with the product design process. We believe in research-centric strategies.
Detailed research encompassing all aspects of the product is formulated. Afterwards, a strategy is chalked up, resulting in a robust game plan for the days ahead.

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    Idea Generation

    Idea generation is the core of product design process because, at this stage, the product concept comes to life. Our creatives join their heads to brainstorm brilliant ideas and potential solutions to address the problem statement. Choosing the right idea is crucial because your product’s future largely depends on the right product idea.

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      Sketching and Prototyping

      With the initial work done, it is time to get started with things. From laying down an idea and having product design sketches on paper, the product needs to transform into a product prototype. It is critical to then produce multiple iterations of the prototype, until a polished product can be achieved, and no loophole remains.

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        Visual UI Design and Interaction

        The customer wants an easy-to-use interface. No one likes to navigate through complex product menus or process development workflows. An intuitive and ergonomic interface does wonders in enhancing the user experience and improving product outlook. We at VisionX cater to the following goals:

        • Developing ergonomic user interface
        • User-centric design methodologies
        • Simple processes
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        Prototype Testing & Improvements

        Testing and improvement of the product prototype is a vital part of product design process development. Testing reveals if the pro is up to the mark and the quality is demonstrated in the process. Issues identified during the initial testing process help us improve the process development of the deliverable prototype. We deliver a product prototype that aligns with the customer`s requirements.

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