Camera Powered
Intelligence, Automation, and Alerts.

We empower cameras to see more than the human eye to unlock data-driven insights, analysis, real-time actions, and alerts.
Sight has helped organizations in the mechanization of work that used to be done manually. 


What is Sight?

Sight uses computer vision and machine learning to make cameras intelligent, helping you build a physical clickstream of a site to visualize new data insights, generate real-time alerts, and take smart actions.

Smarter and faster decision making icon

Smarter and faster decision making

Real-time alerts and action icon

Real-time alerts and action

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Increase operational efficiency

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Industry compliant user privacy

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Camera brand agnostic solution

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How Sight Works


Hardware agnostic. Use your existing cameras image

Hardware agnostic. Use your existing cameras

Take advantage of your existing security cameras and infrastructure. There's no need for new hardware.


Patented AI technology image

Patented AI technology

Sight transforms the raw video feeds into a trove of smart data.


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Smart insights and alerts

Make our customizable, actionable insights, alerts, and guidance as part of your daily routines.

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See Deeper into Your Business with Sight

There is a whole world of data beneath the surface of your business. Unlock it with Sight. 

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Sight Packages:

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Footfall & Occupancy

    True footfall
    Real-time and average occupancy
    Visitor traffic patterns
    Building and area occupancy
    Busy and quiet areas by hour and day
    Site occupancy trends
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    Face mask detection
    Occupancy thresholds
    Social distancing


    Popular demographics
    Gender breakdown
    Age breakdown
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Where Sight Works

Learn more about how Sight will empower your business. Don’t see it listed? Contact us.


Sight for Corporate Buildings

Safely return to the workplace with:

    Occupancy rates
    Visitor by zone
    Face mask detection
    Social distancing alerts

Cutting Edge Features
Coming Soon to

  • In-store engagements

    In-store engagements
  • Customer sentiment

    Customer sentiment
  • Dwell time

    Dwell time
  • Shopping bag detection

    Shopping bag detection
  • Conversion rate

    Conversion rate
  • Aisle analytics

    Aisle analytics
  • Area access controls monitoring

    Area access controls monitoring
  • Car parking optimization

    Car parking optimization
  • Safety incident detection

    Safety incident detection
  • Amenity usage and satisfaction

    Amenity usage and satisfaction
  • Inventory optimization.

    Inventory optimization.
  • Dirty tables detection

    Dirty tables detection

Sight Privacy & Security

GDPR & CCPA compliant icon

GDPR & CCPA compliant

ISO 27001 certified icon

ISO 27001 certified

No personal information processed icon

No personal information processed

Insights extraction without video feed storage icon

Insights extraction without video feed storage


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