Get Customized OCR Services/API

Combining AI, ML and Linguistics, we help your products understand and communicate in human language.

Compliance & Audit

Identify and validate key requirements of compliance and audit from lengthy documents.

Data Extraction

Extract key information from ID cards, licenses, etc., to automate the identity of your customers with OCR software.

Data Analysis
Control Spam & Hate Speech

Using NLP machine learning techniques on your platform, we can ensure filtration for uninvited spamming and hate speech.

Data Digitization
Speech Recognition & Biometrics

Transform speech to a textual representation for search and processing and for speaker identification.

Leakage Control
Search Semantics

Learn more about the context of your customers' searches with the help of search semantics to improve your offerings.

Language Translation
Intelligent Data Capturing

Seamless information extraction from digital scans of receipts, package labels, manifests, etc. with powerful OCR technology and OCR Services.


We Offer the Following Natural Language Processing/ OCR Services

Machine Translation

Translate text or speech from one language to another to assist your users.

Doc Embeddings

Identify relationship between documents based on their representation to help search relevant content and relevant documents to improve your search results.

OCR Software

Convert a physical document or an image/invoice into an electronic version with text for not just printed but handwritten texts at a reduced cost.


Build chatbots or virtual assistants with advanced intents to improve your support time.

Entity Recognition

Identify textual entities or intents within your text such as individuals, organizations, dates, and other custom entities as per your business needs along with intent of those sentences.

Text Classifications

Identify a label/category to text based on its content for spam, sentiment and many other use cases.

We Help Companies Deliver More with Powerful OCR Software

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Frequently Ask Questions

Natural Language Processing is the ability of a machine to understand human languages as they are written and spoken. Natural language processing enables business to gather important information by extracting important details out of a sea of data. This data can then be analyzed and used to make better business decisions. 

OCR software is a technology that enables us to extract editable text out of a captured image or video. This software is mainly used for digitizing paper content, improving information accessibility for all users and eventually allowing businesses to incorporate process automations. 

The OCR software primarily holds a bank of different fonts and text images as templates. Once a new image comes in, the OCR uses pattern matching to find the most relevant character in its database and the highest probability wins. Each character is matched to its closest likelihood and the image text is now digitized. 


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