Retrieve Real-Time Insights From Video Feed Using  Computer Vision

Digitally automate complex manual processes with smart Vision systems. 

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Industry Specific Computer Vision Expertise

Logistics & Industrial Inspection

Check quality control of your stock, sort the packages, and control the movement of your inventory based on their tracking information.

Security & Surveillance

Identify security risks or compliance issues and get alerts for things like mask detection, occupancy limit, safe distance, restricted area access, etc.

Footfall & Occupancy Insights

Find out what is going on in your retail stores or corporate building like dwell timings, peak occupancy, visited areas, etc.

Customer Demographics

Get to know more about your customer visiting your retail stores like age group, gender, etc.

Extended Reality

Empower customers with breathtaking immersive tours, virtual try-on for jewelry and apparel, filters, etc.

Medical Imaging

Assessment of patient condition and early disease detection for better healthcare.

We Can Help You Excel in the
Following Fields of Computer Vision?


Object Detection

Identify and locate objects in a wide variety of conditions at any angle or pose.


Object Tracking

Track objects within a video sequence accurately even in noise and occlusions.


Pose Estimation

Extract key points of a person’s structure joints like elbows, knees, wrists, etc.


Event Detection

Identify events in a video sequence like fights, rush, gestures or evaluate exercise like pushups, etc.


Facial Recognition

Identify faces for security or other use cases in the biometric authorization where the law permits.


Image Segmentation

Identify pixel-perfect segmentation in objects to understand a scene & enable overlaying of virtual elements.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Surveillance Cameras?

We can help you get the most out of video feeds and images for video analytics and virtual experiences for more revenue generation. 

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