Augmented / Virtual reality

Taking Interactions to New Levels Through AR and VR

Create & deliver an innovative 3D experience and build interactions of the future through AR and VR. 

Virtual Try On

Choose and try on the jewelry or apparel of your choice in augmented reality, making it easy for the customer to buy it on the spot.


Digitally manage inventory and locate packages that are present in the warehouse with the help of augmented reality.


Our augmented reality apps empower you to see the furniture/items in your space to decorate however you like.

VR Showroom

VR showroom helps retailers to optimize their physical stores and display more products to Customers experience.

AR Navigation

AR navigation system provides real-time visual guidance and information about the user’s location and surroundings.

VR Training

Train your employees in a simulated environment to enhance their skills and abilities in a risk-free environment.

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We Can Help You Excel in the Following Areas

Augmented Reality   

Through augmented reality (AR), we superimpose digital objects and information onto the real world and give users an augmented view of their surroundings. Our AR developers can build user-friendly Augmented Reality (AR) apps to enhance customer experience and interactions. Immersive content helps in improving order confidence.  

Virtual Reality

We use virtual reality (VR) to immerse users in a computer-generated environment completely. It allows users to interact with digital content in a way that feels natural and realistic. Our expertise in the field has helped businesses replicate their existing physical offerings into digital ones.    

Mixed Reality

We use mixed reality (MR) to create a more realistic experience by blending the digital and physical worlds. Through MR, we augment the physical and digital worlds in a way that they complement each other and help in enhancing overall productivity and immersion.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, or simply educate and inspire your audience, AR / VR can help you achieve your goals. Unlock more business value with VisionX AR / VR Services. 

Augmented reality involves the overlay of digital information onto the real-world environment, while virtual reality involves the creation of a fully immersive digital environment that users can interact with. Augmented reality typically uses a device, such as a smartphone or a headset, to display digital information, while VR usually requires the use of a headset or other specialized equipment to fully immerse the user in the digital environment. Augmented reality is often used for applications such as gaming, education, and product visualization, while VR is more commonly used for gaming, simulation, and training applications.

The metaverse is frequently connected with computer generated virtual reality technology, as it permits clients to completely drench themselves in the virtual climate and cooperate with others as avatars or virtual replicas of themselves.

VisionX offers a range of services related to the development and implementation of augmented reality technology and applications. These services include AR experience creation, AR content creation, AR software and platform development, AR training, consulting and support.

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