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VisionX builds innovative machine vision systems and products that enhance human productivity

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What We Do?

Our machine vision products and platform powers mobile, fixed, and wearables cameras to see the world like the human eye. Our solutions are deployed across industries to understand and describe the visual information from text, images, videos, barcodes, QR codes, and live scenes. Our proprietary algorithms and decision systems draw insights, establish baselines, and deliver real-time alerts and actions by a human or machine to enhance productivity, increase sales, reduce costs, and transform the experience for businesses and their end-users.

Our Technologies


Packagex machine vision enables a mobile phone or a wearable camera to see package and shipment labels like a human eye and beyond. Packagex powers warehouses, buildings, and package receiving facilities, raises the inbound and outbound tracking visibility, and automates the last-mile to last-yard of packages, delivery, inventory, and asset management.


Cortex machine vision enables fixed cameras to understand, describe, and unlock visual insights. Cortex powers physical retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and other industry verticals to understand camera 360° and trigger real-time alerts and actions.

Spatial Studios

Our spatial computing design studio conceptualizes and creates immersive and engaging 3D content and experiences blended with machine vision for VR, AR, desktop, mobile, and next-gen wearables.

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Our Featured Work


11 March 2020

VisionX Named to Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Virtual and Augmented Reality Companies of 2020

We are proud to announce that Fast Company has named VisionX one of the ten most innovative VR/AR companies of 2020.


26 February 2020

Smart Cities of the Future

This article will explain what makes a city smart and how it collects, communicates and analyzes data, and acts on those results to create a better city experience that anticipates needs before they arise and improves the experience of all urban dwellers.


20 February 2020

ParkX - Solving Local Parking Trouble with PackageX Technology

The frustration associated with parking is not only part of city living. Through ParkX, the VisionX HQ2 team in Islamabad leveraged PackageX technology to solve their local parking headaches.

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