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Industry-Specific Blockchain Solutions

Loyalty Bonus

Create loyalty programs that will enable customers to receive incentives for using pertinent goods and services.

Online Marketplace

Build a marketplace to allow clients to buy and sell their goods and services without the fear of fraudulent activities.

Game Rewards

Build a platform that allows users to earn rewards for achieving a milestone in the game and ensures the security of their rewards and in-game assets.

Employment Contracts

Deploy a smart contract that ensures employment contracts and employee benefits without the involvement of a third party.

Asset Management

Share your art, music, achievements, or any collectibles with the world without the fear of losing their ownership and appreciation.

Supply Chain Management

Track the movement of goods in the supply chain, with each transaction being stored on the distributed ledger increasing its transparency.


We Can Help You in the Following Areas of Blockchain Solutions


Store data on a distributed ledger to ensure security and availability at all times.

Smart Contracts

Develop and deploy contracts to guarantee multi-party agreements till fulfillment of the project.

Decentralized Apps

Create peer-to-peer software for the business and financial industries.


Make your own cryptocurrency to trade and hold value.

Frequently Asked Questions

To implement blockchain technology, the two most crucial steps are to identify which blockchain network, public or private, suits your requirements and the second is to set up infrastructure, rules, and protocols. After this is done, you can head on towards developing and deploying applications based on your custom setup infrastructure and its protocol. blockchain development company like VisionX helps businesses create custom blockchain solutions and implement blockchain technology. 

A blockchain platform is a software infrastructure that provides the necessary tools and technologies for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps) and services on a blockchain network. These platforms often include a set of APIs and libraries, as well as development tools and frameworks, to enable developers to build and deploy their applications on the blockchain. Some examples of blockchain platforms include Ethereum, EOS, and Hyperledger Fabric. 

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