Receipt OCR

Receipt OCR API: Maximize Data Extraction Efficiency

Take advantage of our futuristic and unique Receipt OCR API to extract relevant information on receipts on the fly.


Key Features of Our Receipt OCR API

Text Classification
Receipt Data Extraction

Extract data from custom templates and our receipt data extraction is not limited by the design of the receipts.

Data Extraction
Plug and Play

Our receipt API is very easy to integrate and only needs a little amount of initial setup to get started using it.

Data Analysis
Observations & Warnings

Utilization indicators, insights into the processing, and price alerts pertaining to the OCR receipt API are all available on our dashboards.

Data Digitization

In addition to the retrieved data, we also provide some basic flags. e.g., duplicates to simplify validation.

Leakage Control
Less Human Effort

Because of the high degree of accuracy we give, you will need the assistance of the fewest possible people to complete and verify your job.

Digital Image processing
Image Pre-processing

AI for picture preprocessing has been designed to improve image quality by mitigating the effects of various image flaws, including shadows, folds, glare, and poor resolution.

Processing Functionality

Not only single receipts within a single call, our system is able to take bulk requests to fulfill specific requirements.

Customer Demographics
Individualised Postprocessing

Receipt API, we also provide the capability of custom post-processing, which may either be specified by your developers or carried out by us on your behalf. This can be done for any particular business necessity.

Barcode/QR Code Detection & Extraction

In addition to text extraction, our Receipt API can communicate information derived from barcodes and QR Codes.

Document Classification
OCR Receipt Scanner App

Provides an SDK for the OCR receipt scanner app to scan a localized receipt and improve its quality with a customizable interface.

What Do we Extract in our OCR for Receipt?


  • Store Name
  • Store Address
  • Store Contact No.
  • Store Email
  • Store VAT No.


  • Bill to. Information
  • Purchase dates and time
  • Reference Number


  • Subtotal
  • Discount
  • Shipping cost
  • Tax (VAT, GST etc.)
  • Total

Line Items

  • SKU
  • Description
  • Quantity

Frequently Ask Questions

A receipt OCR API is a programming interface that allows developers to extract information from receipts using optical character recognition technology. It enables automated data extraction from receipt images, eliminating the need for manual entry. In comparison to manual data entry, this saves time and reduces errors.

Information extraction (IE) from scanned receipts is a process that initially identifies all the characters in the image and then detects and extracts all the key information through text, signs, tables, and digits.

Keeping records of receipts is vital for individuals as well as business owners. Receipts can be digitalized by putting the receipt in a scanner attached to a computer or taking a picture using a smartphone. These receipts can then be processed through the OCR receipt scanner service to extract key information.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and auto-detection of receipts can be implemented by following the below steps:

  • Pre-processing by focusing on the relevant area, improving quality of the image and correcting perspective
  • Text-detection and recognition, where the goal is to locate and recognize the text in an image
  • Information Extraction is where we identify what represents what in the text.


Receipt parsing is a process that uses digital receipts to extract key information from a receipt scan.

At VisionX, we understand the importance of accurate data extraction from receipts for businesses in various industries. Our Receipt OCR API can accurately extract data from various types of receipts, including those with distorted or tilted images, poor resolution, or unusual layouts. We continuously train our system to improve accuracy and stay up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices. With our API, you can be confident that your receipt data will be accurately extracted and processed in a timely manner. This allows businesses to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and make data-driven decisions based on accurate and reliable data. The accuracy of our API is approximately 95%.

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