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What is Receipt OCR?

Receipt OCR, or Optical Character Recognition for receipts, is a technology that transforms text and figures from receipt images into editable and searchable digital data. This innovative solution uses advanced algorithms to scan, interpret, and convert the printed material on receipts into machine-readable information. 

It can identify various elements like dates, total amounts, taxes, item names, and more. This technology streamlines data entry processes in many sectors, including finance, retail, and expense management. Automating data extraction from physical receipts reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and enhances efficiency in record-keeping and analysis. 

A Receipt OCR API extends this technology’s capabilities by providing a platform for developers to integrate receipt OCR functions into various applications and systems. It allows for the seamless embedding of receipt scanning and data extraction features into software solutions, enhancing automation in tasks like expense tracking, accounting, and financial data analysis. This API particularly benefits businesses seeking efficient, error-reducing ways to handle large volumes of receipt data, streamlining processes, and improving data management and accessibility.

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Key Features of Our Receipt OCR API

Text Classification
Receipt Data Extraction

Extract data from custom templates and our receipt data extraction is not limited by the design of the receipts.

Data Extraction
Plug and Play

Our receipt API is very easy to integrate and only needs a little amount of initial setup to get started using it.

Data Analysis
Observations & Warnings

Utilization indicators, insights into the processing, and price alerts pertaining to the OCR receipt API are all available on our dashboards.

Data Digitization

In addition to the retrieved data, we also provide some basic flags. e.g., duplicates to simplify validation.

Leakage Control
Less Human Effort

Because of the high degree of accuracy we give, you will need the assistance of the fewest possible people to complete and verify your job.

Digital Image processing
Image Pre-processing

AI for picture preprocessing has been designed to improve image quality by mitigating the effects of various image flaws, including shadows, folds, glare, and poor resolution.

Processing Functionality

Not only single receipts within a single call, our system is able to take bulk requests to fulfill specific requirements.

Customer Demographics
Individualised Postprocessing

Receipt API, we also provide the capability of custom post-processing, which may either be specified by your developers or carried out by us on your behalf. This can be done for any particular business necessity.

Barcode/QR Code Detection & Extraction

In addition to text extraction, our Receipt API can communicate information derived from barcodes and QR Codes.

OCR Receipt Scanner App

Provides an SDK for the OCR receipt scanner app to scan a localized receipt and improve its quality with a customizable interface.

Expanding Horizons with Receipt OCR API Features

Global Linguistic Adaptability

Our OCR technology can now read more than 17 different languages, giving businesses access to a wide range of international customers. This ability to converse in multiple languages enables a broader audience across linguistic splits.

Adaptive Growth and Customization

We take pride in providing agile, adaptable solutions that can grow and change along with your business. Our platform is designed for flexibility, enabling us to personalize our services to match your needs now and in the future. This guarantees continuity and seamless efficiency as your operations scale and markets shift.

Localized Precision

With features customized to specific regions, our API easily manages distinct data points from multiple nations. Whether it's specific tax identifiers in Europe or unique fiscal codes in Latin America, our OCR API offers customized data extraction for particular regional needs, boosting its worldwide applicability.

Commitment to Privacy and Compliance

We place utmost importance on privacy and regulatory compliance. Our customizable privacy options and adherence to regional data protection laws ensure smooth, compliant business operations, safeguarding your data and maintaining trust.

Facts About Receipt OCR API

Technological Foundations of Receipt OCR

Modern receipt OCR solutions employ a blend of Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accurately identify and interpret text within images. The core of these advanced technologies predominantly relies on machine learning and deep learning methodologies.

OCR Vs. Receipt OCR

OCR, when used independently, generally denotes the broad task of text recognition in images without specific context. However, when combined with additional context like in ‘Receipt OCR’, it implies a more focused approach, targeting key information extraction from receipt images. This context-based distinction in OCR applications extends to various document types, tailoring the technology to specific data extraction needs.

How Does OCR Receipt API Work?

Upload Your Receipt

Easily upload your receipts using our developer-oriented RESTful API services. We support many file formats, including JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF, and even URLs. For guidance and code examples, visit our support page. Our API makes integration smooth and straightforward.

OCR Converts Receipts to Text

OCR technology in our service swiftly converts receipt images into text, intelligently recognizing and adapting to the language present on each receipt. This process involves converting the image to unformatted raw text, utilizing industry-leading OCR engines for accuracy.

Outcomes of Receipt OCR API

Our receipt analysis solution utilizes an advanced machine learning model to intelligently categorize keywords and extract details from retail and grocery receipts. The system assesses receipt image quality through confidence scores assigned to both the overall receipt and individual data points like store location and purchase date. We refine this textual information into a detailed JSON format optimized for integration.

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Choose the Ideal Receipt OCR API for Your Application

Selecting the optimal optical character recognition (OCR) solution for your needs can be overwhelming. Here’s the crux of choosing the Right receipt OCR.

How Can You Test VisionX's Receipt OCR API?

VisionX offers a user-friendly and accessible Receipt OCR API, designed to cater to the needs of various users. To experience the capabilities of our API firsthand, simply request a demo on our platform. After your request, the customer support team will get back to you with the access to API. The registration process is straightforward and does not require any credit card details. Once registered, you gain immediate access to our intuitive live interface, where you can upload receipts, observe data extraction in real-time, and view the JSON response. This interactive approach allows you to easily evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of our OCR technology.

What is the Pricing Structure of VisionX's Receipt OCR API?

We believe in making advanced technology accessible to everyone. That's why we offer a generous free plan that allows processing of up to 150 monthly receipts at no cost. This plan is ideal for small businesses or individuals who are just starting to explore the potential of OCR technology in their operations. Our pricing model is competitive and scalable for those with larger processing needs. Beyond the initial 150 free receipts, charges start as low as $0.10 per receipt, potentially reducing further to just $0.01 per receipt, depending on your monthly volume.

How Compatible is VisionX's Receipt OCR API?

VisionX's Receipt OCR API is truly global in its capabilities. Utilizing advanced computer vision technology, our OCR solution does not depend on textual data but focuses on image recognition. This unique approach enables the API to process receipts from over 45 countries worldwide, regardless of language barriers. This versatility ensures that businesses operating internationally can rely on our OCR API for consistent and accurate data extraction, no matter the origin of the receipt.

How Difficult is the API Integration process?

At VisionX, we understand the importance of smooth and straightforward integration processes. Our Receipt OCR API adheres to HTTP standards, making it effortlessly integrable into various applications, regardless of the development environment. To further assist developers, we offer a comprehensive set of client libraries covering all major back-end languages. Additionally, our open-source UI toolkit is designed to facilitate the creation of user-friendly front-end features. Our open-source repository and detailed API documentation provide all the necessary resources for a seamless integration experience.

How Accurate is VisionX's OCR Technology?

Accuracy is a cornerstone of our OCR API, with an impressive success rate above 90%. Our precision in extracting data is particularly notable, exceeding 92% for most fields. This high level of accuracy is the result of extensive testing across a dataset that encompasses over 50 countries, ensuring that our OCR technology delivers reliable results across a diverse range of receipts. You are invited to test our API for free, simply by contacting the customer support. This opportunity allows you to personally witness the high accuracy of our OCR on your own receipts.

How Fast is API Response Times?

VisionX's Receipt OCR API boasts an impressive processing time, averaging around 1.5 seconds per page for PDFs and 0.7 seconds for receipt images. Our team continuously works to enhance this processing time, aiming to reduce it to below 300-500 milliseconds. We aim to enable real-time user experiences in your applications, ensuring that your business operations are as efficient as possible.

Does OCR Function with Poor Quality Images?

VisionX's optical character recognition (OCR) technology reliably extracts data from receipts of all formats and conditions. Having trained the OCR engine on a vast database of receipts, VisionX handles intricate layouts with precision. Advanced data augmentation allows the system to process low quality images by digitally adding real-world imperfections during training. This enables accurate text reading even for blurred, distorted, or stained receipts, provided the text remains legible.

Do You Provide Technical Assistance?

At VisionX, we believe in supporting our customers every step of the way. Our dedicated Slack community provides a platform for you to ask questions and interact directly with our team. We can also help with API integration into your infrastructure. We offer customized support solutions tailored to your specific needs. This flexible approach ensures that you receive the right level of assistance, whether you're just starting with OCR technology or looking to integrate it into complex systems.

What Do we Extract in our OCR for Receipt?


  • Store Name
  • Store Address
  • Store Contact No.
  • Store Email
  • Store VAT No.


  • Bill to. Information
  • Purchase dates and time
  • Reference Number


  • Subtotal
  • Discount
  • Shipping cost
  • Tax (VAT, GST etc.)
  • Total

Line Items

  • SKU
  • Description
  • Quantity


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Frequently Ask Questions

Information extraction (IE) from scanned receipts is a process that initially identifies all the characters in the image and then detects and extracts all the key information through text, signs, tables, and digits.

Keeping records of receipts is vital for individuals as well as business owners. Receipts can be digitalized by putting the receipt in a scanner attached to a computer or taking a picture using a smartphone. These receipts can then be processed through the OCR receipt scanner service to extract key information.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and auto-detection of receipts can be implemented by following the below steps:

  • Pre-processing by focusing on the relevant area, improving quality of the image and correcting perspective
  • Text-detection and recognition, where the goal is to locate and recognize the text in an image
  • Information Extraction is where we identify what represents what in the text.


Receipt parsing is a process that uses digital receipts to extract key information from a receipt scan.

At VisionX, we understand the importance of accurate data extraction from receipts for businesses in various industries. Our Receipt OCR API can accurately extract data from various types of receipts, including those with distorted or tilted images, poor resolution, or unusual layouts. We continuously train our system to improve accuracy and stay up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices. With our API, you can be confident that your receipt data will be accurately extracted and processed in a timely manner. This allows businesses to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and make data-driven decisions based on accurate and reliable data. The accuracy of our API is approximately 95%.

The Receipt OCR API is versatile and can process various receipt types. This includes traditional paper receipts, digital formats like PDFs or images, and thermal receipts commonly used in retail. It can handle receipts from various sources, including supermarkets, restaurants, and service providers. The API’s advanced algorithms are designed to recognize and extract data from diverse layouts and formats, accommodating different styles and print qualities.

Yes, the Receipt OCR API supports batch processing, which is a significant feature for businesses handling large volumes of receipts. This capability allows users to upload and process multiple receipts in a single operation, greatly enhancing efficiency. Batch processing is especially useful for accounting and financial purposes, where it’s common to deal with numerous receipts simultaneously.

Our Receipt OCR APIs are built with integration in mind. They often provide easy-to-use interfaces and SDKs that facilitate seamless integration with various financial and accounting software platforms. This integration capability allows for the automated transfer of extracted data into accounting systems, streamlining financial workflows and reducing manual data entry errors.

Technical support for Receipt OCR APIs typically includes a comprehensive package of resources. This can encompass detailed documentation that guides users through integration and use, a developer community for peer support and knowledge sharing, and direct support channels such as dedicated email support, chat services, or even phone support in some cases. This ensures that users can access the necessary assistance to effectively utilize the API in their systems.

Data privacy and security are paramount in Receipt OCR APIs. These systems often employ advanced encryption protocols to protect data during transmission and storage. Compliance with global data protection regulations, like GDPR, is typically a standard practice. Additionally, these APIs might implement role-based access controls and regular security audits to ensure that sensitive information, such as financial data on receipts, is handled securely.

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