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Take advantage of our futuristic and unique Receipt OCR API to extract relevant information on receipts on the fly.

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What is Receipt OCR?

Receipt OCR, or Optical Character Recognition for receipts, is a technology that transforms text and figures from receipt images into editable and searchable digital data. This innovative solution uses advanced algorithms to scan, interpret, and convert the printed material on receipts into machine-readable information. 

It can identify various elements like dates, total amounts, taxes, item names, and more. This technology streamlines data entry processes in many sectors, including finance, retail, and expense management. Automating data extraction from physical receipts reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and enhances efficiency in record-keeping and analysis. 

A Receipt OCR API extends this technology’s capabilities by providing a platform for developers to integrate receipt OCR functions into various applications and systems. It allows for the seamless embedding of receipt scanning and data extraction features into software solutions, enhancing automation in tasks like expense tracking, accounting, and financial data analysis. This API particularly benefits businesses seeking efficient, error-reducing ways to handle large volumes of receipt data, streamlining processes, and improving data management and accessibility.

Key Features of Our Receipt OCR API

Receipt Data Extraction

Extract data from custom templates and our receipt data extraction is not limited by the design of the receipts.

Plug and Play

Our receipt API is very easy to integrate and only needs a little amount of initial setup to get started using it.

Observations & Warnings

Utilization indicators, insights into the processing, and price alerts pertaining to the OCR receipt API are all available on our dashboards.


In addition to the retrieved data, we also provide some basic flags. e.g., duplicates to simplify validation.

Less Human Effort

Because of the high degree of accuracy we give, you will need the assistance of the fewest possible people to complete and verify your job.

Lowest Price

Competitive price in comparison to other OCR for receipts service providers in the industry, although we supply every function that your company could demand.

Image Pre-processing

AI for picture preprocessing has been designed to improve image quality by mitigating the effects of various image flaws, including shadows, folds, glare, and poor resolution.

Processing Functionality

Not only single receipts within a single call, our system is able to take bulk requests to fulfill specific requirements.

Responses For Results

In the event that it becomes necessary for your company to communicate with a third party, we provide callback functionality, which enables information to be routed according to the user's preferences.

Individualised Postprocessing

Receipt API, we also provide the capability of custom post-processing, which may either be specified by your developers or carried out by us on your behalf. This can be done for any particular business necessity.

Barcode/QR Code Detection & Extraction

In addition to text extraction, our Receipt API can communicate information derived from barcodes and QR Codes.

OCR Receipt Scanner App

Provides an SDK for the OCR receipt scanner app to scan a localized receipt and improve its quality with a customizable interface.

Expanding Horizons with Receipt OCR API Features

Facts About Receipt OCR API

How Does OCR Receipt API Work?

Upload Your Receipt

Easily upload your receipts using our developer-oriented RESTful API services. We support many file formats, including JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF, and even URLs. For guidance and code examples, visit our support page. Our API makes integration smooth and straightforward.

OCR Converts Receipts to Text

OCR technology in our service swiftly converts receipt images into text, intelligently recognizing and adapting to the language present on each receipt. This process involves converting the image to unformatted raw text, utilizing industry-leading OCR engines for accuracy.

Outcomes of Receipt OCR API

Our receipt analysis solution utilizes an advanced machine learning model to intelligently categorize keywords and extract details from retail and grocery receipts. The system assesses receipt image quality through confidence scores assigned to both the overall receipt and individual data points like store location and purchase date. We refine this textual information into a detailed JSON format optimized for integration.

Ready to Streamline Your Receipt Management?

Transform Your Receipt Processing – Get started with VisionX’s Receipt OCR API.


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