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What is Invoice OCR API?

Invoice OCR is a smart technology that makes handling paperwork for businesses easier. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, which is the technical term for the ability to read text from images or scanned documents. 

Whether your invoice is on paper or in PDF format, invoice OCR can scan it and extract all the relevant information. It reads information such as the date, the invoice number, the amount owed, and the items that were purchased. Invoice OCR automatically and rapidly enters all of this data into a computer without human typing, which can be challenging and error-prone.

It can process many invoices faster than a person can, meaning bills can be paid on time and financial records stay up-to-date. Invoice OCR turns the information from paper invoices into digital data that computers can easily access and manage. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their spending, manage their money, and make smart financial decisions.

In simple terms, invoice OCR is like a super-fast, super-accurate assistant who can read and understand invoices quickly, turning piles of paper into useful digital information. It’s a powerful tool that helps businesses work smarter and faster when dealing with their bills and payments.

Key Features of Our OCR for Invoice

Invoice Data Extraction

Our invoice ocr api data extraction is not bound by design and we can extract data from bespoke templates.

Plug and Play

Our invoice ocr API is extremely simple to integrate and requires minimal initial configuration.

Insights and Alerts

Our dashboards offer usage metrics, processing insights, and pricing notifications regarding invoice API.


We give basic flags in addition to extracted data. e.g., duplicates to streamline validation.

Less Processing Time

Our cloud-based invoice OCR APIs deliver rapid invoice parsing results with no processing wait times.

No Manual Entry

With the level of accuracy we provide, you require least manpower to finalize and confirm your work.

Image Pre-processing

Our Image Preprocessing AI has been developed to enhance image quality by reducing the impacts of shadows, folds, glare, and low resolution, among others.

Processing Functionality

Not just individual documents our system accepts bulk requests within a call to meet specific needs.

Callbacks For Results

In case your business needs to exchange information with a third party. We also provide callback capability so that information can be routed as desired.

Powerful Custom Post-processing

We give the functionality of custom post-processing, which may be defined by your developers or we can perform it for you, for any specific business need apart from the offerings of Invoice API.

Barcode/QR Code Detection & Extraction

Our OCR Invoice API shares information from barcode’s as well as QR Code’s apart from textual extraction as well.

Supports Multi-page Documents

In addition to textual extraction, our OCR invoice API shares information extracted from barcodes and QR Codes.

How Does Invoice OCR API Work?

An Invoice OCR API typically works in five main steps:

Capture Invoice Image

Simply snap a picture of your invoice with your phone or upload a scanned image. Our API is happy to work with various file formats, so we've got you covered, whether a JPG, PDF or even a PNG.

OCR Invoice Processing

This is where the magic happens. Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine kicks in, like a superhero with X-ray vision, seeing through the image and recognizing all the text. No matter the font style or layout, our OCR technology easily tackles it.

Data Extraction

Now comes the fun part: extracting the key information from the invoice. Invoice extraction API quickly skims through the text to extract all the important information, such as the vendor's name, the invoice number, the date, the line items, and the total.

Data Verification

For an extra layer of confidence, you can double-check the extracted data. Our system presents it in a clear, easy-to-read format, allowing you to quickly verify its accuracy. Our API is pretty darn good at its job, so chances are you won't need to make any changes.


Finally, the extracted data is delivered in a format that easily integrates with your existing accounting software or ERP system. It's like having all the information neatly organized and ready to go, saving you tons of time and effort.

Explore Our Invoice OCR API

Test our products at no cost, with no obligation or credit card needed. For customized plans or questions, we are available to help.

Our OCR for Invoice Extracts Everything

Our invoice OCR solution efficiently recognizes various fields in various invoice types. This capability eliminates the need for time-consuming model training.

Commercial Invoices

  • Seller and buyer details
  • Description and value of goods
  • HS codes for products
  • Terms of sale and payment
  • Proforma Invoices

  • Product descriptions
  • Total value of goods
  • HS codes for products
  • Terms of sale and payment
  • Standard Invoices

  • Customer names and addresses
  • Invoice no. and Date
  • Item descriptions
  • Quantities of each item
  • Unit prices
  • Subtotals and Tax details
  • Utility Bills

  • Customer information
  • Provider details
  • Usage and consumption data
  • Rate per unit
  • Total amount due
  • Due date
  • Debit Notes

  • Reference to the original invoice
  • Additional charges or adjustments
  • Revised total amount
  • Credit Memos

  • Original invoice reference
  • Returned item details
  • Adjusted amounts
  • Reasons for credit
  • Why Choose Our Invoice OCR API?

    Experience streamlined document management with real-time processing. Our Invoice OCR API eliminates errors and maximizes efficiency, freeing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

    Effortless Data Capture

    Efficiently collect data from various sources, including scans, emails, and digital formats, ensuring comprehensive coverage and flexibility.

    Precision Data Extraction

    Benefit from our pre-trained OCR API, honed on countless documents to guarantee outstanding accuracy from the start.

    Workflow Automation

    Easily automates processes like data extraction, validation, and integration, enhancing operational efficiency.

    Cost and Time Savings

    Minimize manual data handling, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and saving valuable time.

    Smooth Tool Integration

    Effortlessly integrates our OCR API with your existing systems for a unified workflow experience.

    Boosted Productivity

    Transform your organization's efficiency, allowing your team to focus on critical tasks while our OCR API manages the rest.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An Invoice OCR API is a technology that uses image recognition algorithms to extract text from an invoice image. API (Application Programming Interface) allows companies to easily incorporate automated invoice processing into their current systems, reducing errors and the need for manual data entry.

    There are many advantages to digitizing invoices:

    1. Save Time: Manual data entry is tedious and time-consuming. The invoice OCR API automates this task, saving you and your team valuable time.

    2. Reduce Errors: Manual data entry is prone to errors. Digitizing invoices with Invoice OCR API ensures the accuracy of your financial data.

    3. Improve Efficiency: Streamline your accounts payable process by eliminating manual steps and automating invoice processing.

    4. Simplify Storage & Retrieval: Digitized invoices are easily searchable and accessible electronically, eliminating the need for physical storage and the risk of lost documents.

    5. Improved Visibility: Gain valuable insights into your spending habits with readily available and organized invoice data.

    VisionX OCR invoice scanning software uses NLP techniques on top of an OCE to identify key information from within an invoice like PO order, Invoice number, Billing and shipping details, etc.

    Our Invoice OCR API supports 50+ languages, making it an ideal solution for multinational companies.

    Invoice recognition software uses OCR technology to extract invoice information automatically. It may be coupled with accounting, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management software to automate invoice processing.

    We understand the importance of safeguarding your sensitive financial data. We implement strict access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can access your data. In addition to these measures, you can have full control of your data by requesting the deletion of your data at any time.

    Invoice OCR API streamlines invoice processing for businesses of all sizes, but it can be a real game-changer in specific situations.

    High invoice volume? Free your team from data entry drudgery and focus on strategic tasks. Worried about errors? Invoice OCR API minimizes mistakes for cleaner financial data. Stuck in slow processing? Automate and speed up invoice processing for faster payments and happier suppliers. Embracing remote work or going paperless? Invoice OCR API seamlessly integrates with your workflows, regardless of location or format. Looking for better data flow with your accounting software? Invoice OCR API integrates smoothly, streamlining your entire financial process.

    Traditional invoice processing involves manually keying data from invoices, which is slow and error-prone. Invoice OCR technology, on the other hand, utilizes AI and OCR to automatically extract key data from invoices, streamlining the process and boosting accuracy.

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