2020 Vision - Our Founder, Farrukh Mahboob, at Ideamensch

Our Founder and CEO, Farrukh Mahboob, was recently interviewed by ideamensch.com about business, entrepreneurship, and living an inspired life. The topics covered ranged from mentorship to smart glasses to workouts and everything in between.

VisionX Named to Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Virtual and Augmented Reality Companies of 2020

We are proud to announce that Fast Company has named VisionX one of the ten most innovative VR/AR companies of 2020.

Working Smarter Through Lockdown

There are positive lessons to take away from this work at home period. Even after returning to the office, we should keep up some of these processes so that we can continue to benefit from better communication and more transparency.

Smart Cities of the Future

This article will explain what makes a city smart and how it collects, communicates and analyzes data, and acts on those results to create a better city experience that anticipates needs before they arise and improves the experience of all urban dwellers.

ParkX - Solving Local Parking Trouble with PackageX Technology

The frustration associated with parking is not only part of city living. Through ParkX, the VisionX HQ2 team in Islamabad leveraged PackageX technology to solve their local parking headaches.

Join VisionX at the Pakistan Tech Summit 2020 in Silicon Valley

Join VisionX at the Pakistan Tech Summit 2020 - Silicon Valley on February 15 at Draper University in San Mateo, California to celebrate startups, innovators and inventors working on disruptive technologies around the globe.

Five Ways That 3D Content is Revolutionizing Retail

We predict that the future of retail will continue to blur the lines between the physical and the online to provide increasingly engaging customer experiences.

VisionX Digital Innovation Nexus Strengthens U.S. and Pakistan's Business Relationships

VisionX's perspective and expertise can profoundly influence digital vision at the local, regional, and global level and can serve as a bridge between the communities and countries that we call home.