MOOV by Al-Futtaims’ Technological Leap in the Automotive Industry

MOOV by Al-Futtaim

The automotive sector is gearing up for an era of transformative change. Car ownership models are steadily moving away from conventional practices towards flexibility, affordability and digital-first experiences. Spearheading this shift is UAE-based conglomerate Al-Futtaim Group through their pioneering car subscription service – Moov. 

In a recent interview, Al-Futtaim Chief Technology Officer Himanshu Shrivastava spoke about the group’s vision to drive innovation in the automotive industry. This vision has come to life through Moov – a car subscription service designed for the digital age. 

Launched in November 2021, Moov by Al Futtaim provides customers with an alternative to long-term car ownership. Drivers can subscribe for flexible durations ranging from 1 month to 18 months. Bundled with the subscription are services like insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance, eliminating hidden costs and hassles. Vehicles are conveniently delivered to the subscriber’s address, ready for the open road.

Moov’s simplicity, transparency, and digital-first experience have struck a chord with consumers. Within 1 year, the service has clocked over 4,000 subscribers across the UAE. Even more remarkable is the 49% monthly growth last year, validating changing consumer preferences as outlined by Shrivastava. 

Industry Projections Confirm Strong Tailwinds

Moov’s exponential adoption mirrors optimistic projections for the car rental industry. According to Statista, the market in the UAE alone is forecast to reach 0.7 million users by 2027. Average revenue per customer is estimated at $257.80, signaling significant monetization potential. 

Further indicators reinforce a bright outlook. 25% of Moov’s fleet comprises hybrid vehicles, closely mirroring McKinsey forecasts which estimate electric vehicle annual unit sales going from 6.5 million to roughly 40 million globally by 2030. With sustainability becoming a priority for consumers, Moov has adopted the right product mix to attract digital natives.

The Open Road to Digital Innovation

Moov may have enjoyed a meteoric start, but for Al-Futtaim, the most exciting mileage still lies ahead. Shrivastava emphasized the company’s commitment to constant innovation by harnessing emerging technologies. This spirit can steer Moov’s growth by embracing digital trends and reshaping the industry.

Some innovations that can accelerate Moov’s leadership position:

Integrating Mobile App – The app can enhance user experience through remote reservations, keyless entry, real-time diagnostics, and contactless payments. Leading rental apps achieve 3x higher customer engagement compared to websites. Users can use geolocation to find nearby charging stations for electric vehicles, service centers, or available cars for subscription. Instant updates can be provided on vehicle availability and reservations to ensure customers can quickly secure the car they want.

Predictive Maintenance – On-board sensors and IoT devices allow 24/7 monitoring of critical vehicle systems. Big data analytics helps prevent breakdowns through predictive warnings, reducing maintenance costs by 10-40%.

Streamlining Paperwork – Electronic signatures and automated contracts can replace cumbersome paperwork for swapping cars. Digital agreements simplify processes while ensuring trust and compliance.

Expanding Footprint – Moov has tremendous room for growth beyond the UAE. Neighboring regions represent untapped markets where demand for online rental is booming. 

The Road Ahead Beckons

Moov has made astounding progress since its launch. But for Al-Futtaim, guided by Shrivastava’s vision, the most transformative mileage still lies ahead. The company is in the driver’s seat to steer the industry towards flexible, digital, and sustainable mobility – the future as envisaged by its pioneering CTO.

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