How VisionX Strengthened US-Pak Business Relationship?

article date Dec 02, 2019

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New York, December 2nd, 2019 – Technology is drastically changing the way people engage with each other, how businesses sell their products and services, and the way the global economy operates. When digital innovation is executed well, with the right approach and mindset, it has the potential to unlock a multitude of opportunities for every individual and enterprise, and increase prosperity. Recently, a number of promising discussions have led us to understand that our perspective and expertise can profoundly influence digital vision at the local, regional, and global level and that VisionX can serve as a bridge between the communities and countries that we call home.

Farrukh Mahboob, Founder and CEO of VisionX and PackageX, identified such an opportunity on a recent trip to Islamabad, Pakistan. He decided to take a more active role in fostering economic cooperation between the countries where VisionX is headquartered, the United States and Pakistan. The U.S. has a long, productive relationship with Pakistan, including over 70 years of bilateral economic relations and civilian assistance, that has promoted partnership between the two nations, as well as peace, democracy, and prosperity for Pakistan.

VisionX, with its dual origin in the U.S. and Pakistan, understands what it takes to bring true digital transformation to Pakistan that stays collaborative, connects with the reality on the ground, and promotes resource and knowledge sharing at all the levels, including opportunities for workers and businesses to compete at an international level with a global mindset. It is uniquely suited to help achieve economic development, stability, and prosperity, primarily through the development of a strong digital strategy and its execution.

The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan and the international development agency USAID (United States Agency for International Development) have the potential to be essential partners to support VisionX’s desire to make their business and technology solutions available to as many people as possible across the globe.

During the month of October, two exciting, strategic visits took place. First, representatives of the U.S. Embassy Islamabad’s Economic Affairs section, along with Ms. Catherine Jones, an entrepreneur and the wife of the Chargé d'Affaires Paul Jones, visited VisionX and PackageX HQ2 in Islamabad. The joint leadership teams had the opportunity to share the velocity of innovative work happening at the company while learning about the operations at HQ2 in Pakistan, HQ1 in New York, and across its international offices. In addition, the Embassy’s Economic team learned about the unique business solutions VisionX has deployed for our Fortune 500 customers.

Mr. Mahboob joined a group of product leads from both VisionX and PackageX to demonstrate our products, office, brand, and culture while the teams discussed various opportunities to engage, promote, and facilitate U.S. business in Pakistan and vice-versa, in order to enable a connected and productive digital innovation ecosystem.

A second meeting was held with USAID Deputy Director of Innovation and Partnerships Unit – Office of the Mission Director, Kanwal Bokharey. Zibber Mohiuddin, Group CEO of Panasian Group and the Advisory Board Member at VisionX and PackageX also joined. Ms. Bokharey visited VisionX HQ2 on the same day that USAID uploaded its first-ever Global Digital Strategy for public comments. The Strategy charts an Agency-wide vision for development and humanitarian assistance in the world’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The briefing session demonstrated various digital capabilities and innovative products powered by VisionX to the USAID team. The USAID team admired the excellent work undertaken in Pakistan for the global customers that could accelerate the potential digital opportunities under the USAID Pakistan program. Ms. Bokharey shared her view on the potential role VisionX’s leadership and technology teams can play in transforming the way people in Pakistan access information, goods, services, and opportunity; and the power to accelerate Pakistan’s digital journey to self-reliance rapidly. VisionX also shared its corporate social responsibility initiative the Sehr Foundation, which was created to give back to the people of Pakistan, and aligns well with the social development and humanitarian programs of USAID.

VisionX employees around the world are looking forward to continued goodwill and partnership between the United States and Pakistan and are eager to learn from the people who know this world the best and offer any assistance that we can.

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