Future-Proofing Legacy E-Commerce Platform

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The customer is a leading retail business.


A well-known e-commerce company encountered an issue with its website. Both the front and back end suffered from outdated functionalities and poor user experiences, severely impacting customer retention and accessibility across the digital platform. As user frustrations increased, the company realized it was time to take decisive action. Their market position would surely be damaged if they allowed the website to fail. To revive its online presence, our customer required a creative solution.

Partnering With VisionX for Extensive Transformation

A smooth transition was necessary to minimize delays and ensure continuity. The customer partnered with VisionX to carry out these operations. This choice demonstrated VisionX’s track record of sparking website redesigns. VisionX focused on revamping the website through best-in-class web technologies on both the front and back-end.

Future-Proof Solution

After extensive analysis, VisionX proposed a robust, custom solution. For the front-end user interface, we recommended adopting React.js – a powerful JavaScript library acclaimed for responsiveness and user-friendly interactions. We also supported switching to Node.js for the backend architecture. This server-side technology would drastically enhance the website’s speed, scalability, and overall performance. React and Node formed a powerful tech stack to future-proof the online presence. Additionally, our team implemented Elasticsearch, increasing the number of products available on search pages from 20 to 40 per page. The product load time decreased to 400 milliseconds. Integrating the full checkout process in the site’s search flyout enabled users to complete purchases without navigating to separate screens. We maintain users’ past purchase history and show relevant products based on that history. Users can re-order the products by going through their past purchases.

Difficulties Faced During Project

However, no large-scale overhaul comes without hurdles. The project team proactively identified and mitigated several critical pain points:
  1. We conducted extensive diagnostics to identify the reasons for outdated user interfaces and slow websites.
  2. It was essential to maximize the user experience overall for simple navigation.
  3. Robust monitoring solutions were implemented for continuous performance tracking.
  4. Strict procedures for code quality assurance kept components in line.
VisionX addressed these potential challenges by carefully planning and carrying out the project, allowing for a smooth transition in accordance with industry best practices.

Delivering Remarkable Results

Within one year of launch, the revamped website reaped remarkable dividends and results:
  • 50%+ boost in website load speeds across all traffic sources
  • 65% increase in user engagement metrics like time on site
  • 40% reduction in customer complaints regarding accessibility
  • 30% uplift in online conversion rates and sales
  • 60% decline in unplanned website downtime and issues
  • Product Queues were increased from 20 to 40 on a single page with just one click.
  • Users can complete the checkout process without getting on different screens.
These metrics clearly illustrated the transformation’s profoundly positive impact. Powerful monitoring dashboards provided full transparency into the performance gains. Automated code audits showcased the modernized codebase’s maintainability and scalability. Yet the benefits extended far beyond numbers. Users commended the smooth omnichannel experience, responsive design, and easy navigation in their qualitative feedback. The redesigned website strengthened the company’s brand identity as a forward-thinking, customer-focused leader.

Continuous Innovation

But the evolution didn’t stop there. The Customer and VisionX continued enhancing the website through agile, iterative updates:
  • Data visualization features interactive charts and graphs for richer insights
  • AI-driven product recommendations personalizing the shopping experience
  • Augmented reality enables the visualization of products in real environments
  • Hosting infrastructure optimizations for peak traffic resilience
These state-of-the-art capabilities demonstrated the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. They delivered ongoing value while keeping the website experience fresh and cutting-edge.


The complete redesign of this business’s website, skillfully carried out by digital specialists, was a prime example of transformation success. The modern React and Node stack formed a robust yet agile foundation for future growth. Their website outperformed competitors’ performance, maintaining their position as leaders in e-commerce innovation. Customers who desired effortless browsing journeys noticed an impact in the simplified, user-friendly shopping experience. Most importantly, the project revived the business’s online revenue engine by increasing important metrics like conversions and customer retention. Due to the updated codebase, developers were able to quickly prototype and introduce new site features. With monitoring insights, IT teams could scale and maintain the infrastructure more effectively. The business strengthened its website as a strategic asset by utilizing its partner’s experience and knowledge. This transformation represented far more than just an IT project. Their digital centers underwent a complete overhaul, which helped the business establish itself as a leader in the field for many years. Establishing a future-ready online presence lays the foundation for long-term dominance in e-commerce.

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