React Native App Boosts Energy Provider's Revenue by $50 Million




React Native, Live Chat, Virtual Office Services


The customer is a major electricity service provider in KSA.

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The client faced challenges with separate iOS and Android apps that were difficult to manage and update. A single cross-platform app was required to improve usability and customer engagement while optimizing operational procedures.


VisionX provided the customer with React native app development services, creating a single codebase for iOS and Android platforms. The app was upgraded with a new and improved design, integrating several features to boost user engagement and improve overall usability.

React Native App

Key Features Implemented:

Unified Codebase​

By implementing React Native, VisionX created a single codebase that worked well across iOS and Android platforms. This guaranteed consistent user experiences while significantly reducing maintenance efforts.

Classic Design​

The app's design was updated and improved, easing usability and simplifying navigation. The goal of this redesign was to improve the app's usability and reach to users.​

Customer Support Integration

The application included live chat and virtual office services, providing users with immediate assistance and support. This feature improved the user experience by guaranteeing that users could quickly and easily address their problems.

Comprehensive Service Options​

The app provided a range of services, including account management, bill payments, and service requests. Users can conveniently track their usage consumption. This convenience made it an essential tool for efficiently managing electricity services.


The new mobile app substantially improved customer engagement, usability, and operational efficiency.

1 M+

App Downloads

$50 M

Increase in Revenue

Metrics and Outcomes:

Increased Application Downloads:

  • The app was downloaded over 1 million times, becoming an essential tool for managing electricity services in KSA. The convenience and all-inclusive services reflected a substantial increase in its user base.

Improved Customer Experience:

  • Features like live chat and virtual office services significantly improved user support and satisfaction, increasing customer engagement rates.

Impact on Revenue:

  • The electricity company experienced a notable increase in revenue following the introduction and updates to its mobile app. The app efficiently handle the process for customers to manage their accounts, pay bills, and receive services, leading to improved operational efficiency.
  • According to the latest reports, the company’s revenue saw a significant boost, reaching nearly $853 million for the fiscal year 2023, about $50 million more than the previous year

The client stated that the increase in app usage is due to improved functionalities and widespread adoption of the mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, which made it easier for users to interact with the company’s services, leading to higher engagement and timely payments.

Before and After Table

Metric Before Implementation After Implementation
Separate Apps for iOS/Android Yes No
Customer Support Limited Live Chat, Virtual Office
User Engagement Moderate High
Application Downloads Low 1 Million+
Revenue $803 million $853 million

The new mobile application developed by VisionX proved to be a transformative solution for the electricity service provider, enhancing user experience, increasing customer engagement, and driving significant revenue growth.


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