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We work on the future-tech today. Our digital solutions are shaping the way people use and interact with technology. Do you think your business is ready for a digital transformation? We can help you revamp your business operations and products using emerging technologies.

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Blended Reality Technologies

Web 3.0 is allowing for a completely new way of interacting with technology. With realistic 3D Models as a foundation, users are able to have rich and immersive experiences in actual, virtual or mixed reality spaces.

3D Modeling

Web 3.0 Ready

VisionX 3D artists are able to create computer-generated models of physical objects. These photorealistic models are incredibly detailed and true to texture and size, allowing us to create immersive experiences in virtual reality, and create a richer purchasing experience for a buyer by giving him the ability to "place" a digitized catalogue of objects in any space using augmented reality.

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Augmented Reality

Richer Experiences, In The Real World

VisionX 3D artists and software engineers use 3D models to create applications that provide end users with an enhanced experience of the real world through augmented reality so end users can experience their surroundings like never before.

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Virtual Reality

Complete Immersion In A Virtual Space

Virtual Reality enables a completely immersive experience to users. These curated worlds have incredible business potential from real estate to retail sales and can be accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

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Mixed Reality

Blending Actual And Virtual

Mixed Reality experiences allow for environments where reality and simulated objects co-exist and are able to interact in real time.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is helping us make our machines and software smarter. Our AI and ML powered digital solutions have human-like intelligence and cognition and are capable of learning from data and past experiences to get smarter with time.

Computer Vision

Teaching Software To See

Computer vision trains computers and software to view and interpret the physical world. It is through the use of photography, videography and deep learning where software systems are able to identify and understand physical objects.

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Machine Learning

Having Systems Learn From Data

VisionX collects and manages large data sets and creates proprietary algorithms to build efficient and effective data models and solutions for our clients.

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Deep Learning

Neural Networks With The Ability To Learn

Deep learning is based upon sophisticated machine learning algorithms that use raw data to understand and continuously extract higher levels of understanding.

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Natural Language Processing

Analyzing And Processing Language

NLP involves speech recognition, language understanding, and language generation through understanding and analyzing human speech patterns to create solutions to help out customers.

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Decision Sciences

Data-Powered Decision Making

We build data models that are intelligent enough to make split second decisions that impact business growth from data.

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Sensors and the onset of 5G are powering how devices and objects communicate and integrate with each other.

Internet of Things

Not Just Software Gets Smarter, Your Things Do Too

Internet of Things or IoT refers to the network of interconnected physical devices and mechanical objects that are embedded with network connectivity. Our IoT solutions are enabling customers in transforming their existing network infrastructure by integrating physical devices with computing systems. Saving money, improving efficiency, and automating tasks are what we do best.

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