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In our previous blog post, we discuss the cutting-edge technologies that are constantly improving chatbot experiences by teaching computers how to process human language more effectively and respond to a wider range of human requests. The classic problem with this sort of technology is that it relies on vast troves of data to get good and usually the first iteration that rolls out is clunkier than later versions. This article will analyze a partnership that VisionX has developed to combine cutting edge AI and NLP technologies with smart customer service to avoid this problem and deliver a superior product that runs smoothly on day one. Our solution is smart, lean, and efficient and provides seamless service from the chatbot and human agents.

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Our client is a luxury, five-star hotel with multiple locations in the bustling downtown of a city that is increasingly popular with international travelers. Its key differentiator and the foundation of its reputation is the superior customer service it offers. High profile clients rely on the hotel concierge for all manners of assistance, from booking restaurant reservations and asking for extra towels to unique and very specific requests (such as a Peloton bike facing the window of their room).

Because customer service is such a big part of our client’s business, they were very interested in the potential of a chatbot type service to increase speed, efficiency, and uniformity and ultimately provide better service to the customer at a lower cost. However, their intense customer service focus also made them hesitant to take a risk that a chatbot would prove to be frustrating for their clients or leave them feeling helpless or undervalued.

VisionX worked with the teams on the ground to engineer a technical solution that provides an impeccably high, luxury level of customer service efficiently. The process began by identifying the most common concierge requests and breaking them down into two groups. The first group is made up of basic requests and services that can be automated faultlessly, such as restaurant reservations, room service requests, requests for turndown services or extra amenities, and directions to destinations in the hotel and around the city.

The second group can be easily recognized by the chatbot but are still too complicated for it to execute flawlessly. These requests are transferred seamlessly and directly to the proper department, whether that is laundry, housekeeping, or an onsite restaurant. Our AI saves time by eliminating a step from the traditional workflow that would send the query to a concierge or customer service generalist first and only then rout it to the right department.

Lastly, anything that the computer doesn’t recognize is routed to a human agent immediately and behind the scenes so that the customer does not feel any friction between the AI and human service. The chatbot is personalized and remembers the client’s names and preferences to provide an experience on par with the most competent human concierge. It is integrated with WhatsApp to provide an intuitive experience and conversational feel

We believe that technology should serve to make our clients’ lives easier and their businesses more efficient, not complicate things. By focusing on the goal of better serving the customer, we were able to offer significant value to our client and its customers in a relatively short timeframe. This model has the potential to bring an innovative level of efficiency to all sorts of industries from retail to healthcare to financial services – one chat at a time.

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